Bear with me


Is it possible I am part bear? Every fall I get the urge to eat a lot and take a nap until spring. Am I alone in this? Are there others like me?

Each December I also get the urge to Christmas shop. I am not a person who buys a lot of gifts or extravagant gifts, but I love the hunt.

Like the bear who searches the forest for little tasty berries, I look through the thrift shops and retail shops for the right little treat for someone.

I do not always succeed. Like the year I tried to decorate some shoes for my sister. I thought they would look funky, but they just turned out ugly. There is a fine line between funky and ugly, but that line was clearly crossed.

Finding the right gift for my dad poses a problem because I don’t fish. I never know what gear he needs because I am not with him on these trips; and I don’t understand what most of the gear actually does.

Furthermore, he is so creative that he often devises his own specialty tools and gear. He once made an ice fishing tip-up out of ice cream pail lids and a few other scraps around the garage. Don’t ask. I cannot explain it any better than that.

Luckily, Dad likes salted nut rolls to take fishing, so I have a fall-back if I don’t know what to get him.

This year, I found the perfect thing: candy from the Girl Scouts! Didn’t even have to leave the comfort of my own home. Which is great—it leaves me more time for napping.