Three seeking re-election to Sibley East School Board


Residents of the Sibley East School District will be electing four school board members on November 2.

Three candidates, Scott Dose, Anne Karl, and Dan Woehler, have filed for the three, four-year terms of office.

Two candidates, Beth DuFrane and Casey McCue, have filed for the one, two-year position on the school board. The two-year term was created by the resignation of Jodi Hanson earlier this year. Tim Dolan was appointed to fill the vacancy until the end of the year.

Below are the candidates’ responses to a questionnaire from The Gaylord Hub.



Biographical information: I am a 1995 graduate of Sibley East High School and I graduated from Hennepin Technical College in 1996. I have been employed by Marathon Oil, based in St. Paul Park, as a planner. I am a resident of Arlington with my wife and three children, ages 13, 8, and 3. My wife, Nikki, works at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I am a member of the Arlington baseball team and an avid sportsman.

Why are you running for school board? As a member of this community with children in both junior high and elementary, I believe in the importance of education and continuing to improve the educational offerings and facilities of our district. We need to stay updated and current to allow our students the resources to be successful. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a school board member and want to continue serving in this capacity.

What do you feel should be the primary goals for Sibley East in the future? I think we need to continue to strive in our education and continue to raise test scores, which we have been doing from year to year. I think we need to upgrade the facilities to best serve the students and their educational needs. Our students need to have access to educational resources, including classroom and building space, to acquire the skills necessary to be successful and competitive after graduation.

What qualifications do you have that will help you serve on the school board? I have been a resident of Arlington for my entire life and have a strong, vested interest in the communities that are a part of the Sibley East school system. As I mentioned earlier, I have children of various ages who are enrolled at Sibley East and I have had the opportunity to serve on the school board for one full term. Open mind.



Biographical information: I grew up in Arlington and graduated from A-GI. I received my BA from College of St. Scholastica in Health Information Management. I am a coding supervisor at Hutchinson Area Health Care and an associate instructor for Rasmussen College. I returned to Arlington a number of years ago to give my children the opportunity to experience how wonderful life can be in a rural community. My son, Vinz, is a junior at SE and my daughter, Erin, graduated from SE and is a junior at the College of St. Bens.

Why are you running for school board? I am completing my first term on the SE School Board. These are challenging times for many organizations and SE is not exempt from that. We are extremely fortunate to have strong leadership, exceptional teachers, engaged students, supportive parents, and a board that has developed well over the past four years. I feel the experience gained while serving the District the past four years will continue to guide the strategic plans being carried out to benefit the children of our district.

What do you feel should be the primary goals for Sibley East in the future? There are great success stories happening within our District! Being awarded with the recent Minnesota Future Award is just a piece of the success pie. This success was accomplished through re-evaluating how our teachers teach to meet the needs of the student to achieve academic success. The District needs to continue to look outside of the box to adequately prepare our students for a successful future. We need to continue to drill down within the data being constructed from our students’ test scores to look for opportunities. With our uncertain State funding we need to challenge ourselves in doing more with less without compromising our mission.

What are your thoughts on new or upgraded school facilities? As a Board member I have attended many of the facility committee and community meetings that have been held over the past year. This is truly a Sibley East community decision. We ALL need to take a conscientious look at our current facilities and evaluate the best option for our children. We need to remove our own biases and soul search for what is best for every current and future child to attend Sibley East.

What qualifications do you have that will help you serve on the school board? My professional experience is in healthcare compliance where my motto is “Do the Right Thing” and I carry this into all aspects of my life.



Biographical information: I was born in Arlington and raised on a farm between Arlington and Gaylord. I graduated from Arlington Green Isle High School. I attended Jackson Technical College and graduated from their construction electrician program. I am currently living in rural Arlington and I work at Michael Foods in Gaylord. I co-own a storage and apartment business. I am a member of St. Mary’s Church in Arlington and an active KC member.

My wife, Bertha, is an RN and is employed by Sibley County Public Health. I have a step-daughter Laura, who is married to Trenton Tuchtenhagen and they have two children, Lucas and Lyna who attend school at Sibley East. I also have two daughters, Christy and Anna, who are students at Sibley East.

I enjoy spending time with my family, fishing, working on projects on our hobby farm, and being involved in community and school activities.

Why are you running for school board? I am running for another term on the Sibley East School Board because I care about all students and want them to get the best education possible with the resources available. I have enjoyed serving this district and voicing my opinions and the opinions of those I represent.

What do you feel should be the primary goals for Sibley East in the future? We need to keep a well-rounded curriculum to meet the needs and interests of all our students. I will do my best to help maintain a balanced budget with money in the general fund for the times when the state holds off on payments to our district, and for planned and unplanned expenses.

What are your thoughts on new or upgraded school facilities? I feel that something has to be done to either repair and upgrade our existing buildings, or build a new school. The decision will be made by the voters of this district.

What qualifications do you have that will help you serve on the school board? I have experience serving on the school board and I feel that I have the ability to make good business decisions. I will listen to resident and student concerns and work with everyone involved to have the best outcome possible.