Commissioner District 1


Incumbent Leo “Lee” Anderly is facing challenger Jim Nytes for Sibley County’s District 1 commissioner post.

Commissioner candidates responded to a questionnaire distributed by The Gaylord Hub, in July, before the Primary Election. Below is a summary of their responses.


A county commissioner for eight years and chairman for two years, Henderson resident Leo “Lee” Anderly is seeking reelection for District 1 County Commissioner.

“I’m running for county commissioner again because I feel I have performed well as commissioner and have always tried to help people,” said Anderly.

According to Anderly, major issues facing Sibley County and District 1 include road care and maintenance. Spending and maintenance of all county facilities including parks are also concerns of Anderly.

“There have been some tough decisions in the past and will be in the future,” said Anderly. “We have dealt with cutbacks from the state and federal level and still have tried to maintain a budget that is livable for Sibley County residents.

Anderly will continue to strive for a conservative budget and will keep in contact with local townships and city councils for issues that need attention.

“With the economic times as they are now, I believe projects have to be put in prospective order,” said Anderly. He stated some things may have to wait and we can’t keep raising taxes.

Anderly lives with his wife Jackie (Zimmerman) Anderly of 44 years and they have three sons. Anderly has served on numerous boards and committees including the Sibley County Historical Society, Friends of Rush River, and Henderson Chamber of Commerce.



Jim Nytes states that he is running for the seat of District 1 County Commissioner because he wants the people of Sibley County to be treated fairly and wants to help put a stop to increasing property taxes. “I am running for the seat so I can represent my fellow citizens,” Nytes said. “The people of Sibley County want their commissioner to listen to their real-life problems and concerns and to then act on them.”

A goal of Nytes would be to see that all residents of Sibley County be treated fairly in tax assessments and property values. “As your County Commissioner, I will be committed to slowing down Sibley County’s spending, especially in the area of tax increases,” Nytes said. “I will be a strong supporter of conservation efforts and County groups. I believe the conservation of the land and wildlife of Sibley County is very important.”

Nytes also expressed support for the revitalization of our communities. “In the past few years, the buildings of Henderson have been restored magnificently and I support similar efforts throughout Sibley County,” he said.

High property taxes and the fairness in valuations of properties are the biggest issues facing District 1, Nytes believes.

A Henderson resident who owns and operates a small farm, Nytes says he has the ability and common sense to be a full-time commissioner. Nytes is married with five grown children. He worked construction in the past and was a dairy farmer for 30 years.

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