Fall fashion tips


When you think of fashion advice, you probably don’t think of the Gaylord Hub. Well, that is about to change. Here are my fall fashion tips.

First the most important tip to remember is: If a trend does not work on you, skip it. It is a trend, not the law.

Second, go with trends that build on classics. For example, several of my sources listed camel as the latest thing. Really, the latest thing? Camels have been around since Biblical times, which is evident by the fact that they commonly appear in nativity sets. But, I digress. Camel coats are a classic standby that are worth the investment. Turtlenecks and velvet are two other classy classics that are making the rounds this season.

Sweaters are a natural part of fall. One source mentioned crop tops and another said chunky sweaters are in. Given that Gaylord is in Minnesota, I am going to recommend chunky sweaters—for obvious reasons. Sweaters can be paired with a pencil skirt, skinny jeans or leggings for a totally fresh, yet totally 80s, look.

When you choose a sweater, try to avoid the Cliff Huxtable look. Go with natural neutrals: gray, beige, brown, black, olive, and greige, which is apparently some new combination of beige and gray.

What other colors are hot for cool weather? Jewel tones: colbolt blue, purple and ox blood red (This really is a color according to the trend-watching sites) were spotted on the runway for fall 2010.

There were some fashion trends that I simply do not think work in Minnesota. Among them are: big pants (There is just more fabric to soak up snow.), graffiti pants (It just does not sound mid-western.) and pleated mini skirts (Cover your legs, it’s cool out there!)

Two more trends I read about were “patchwork” and “capes & ponchos.” Apparently, all you need to do is wrap one of the Lutheran Women’s quilts around your shoulders and you will look like you are straight off the runways of New York. So there you have it. Now you too, can have the hip, new looks for fall.