Sibley East to add technology/dean of students


Sibley East’s Board of Education, Monday, decided to use one-time federal funding to create a position to aid with technology and serve as part-time elementary Dean of Students.

The school board approved advertising for the position. It is hoped that the position would be filled by November 4.

Superintendent Stephen Jones explained that Sibley East is expected to receive approximately $255,000 as a result of the U.S. Congress’ recently passed Education Jobs Fund. The bill will provide $10 billion to school districts and states to help save an estimated 160,000 jobs for teachers and other professionals who provide school-based services. Minnesota’s projected allocation is nearly $167 million, which would fund an estimated 2,800 jobs. The funds must be allocated by Sept. 30, 2012, he said.

Jones said that proposed full-time position, which would be .7 full-time equivalent technology integration specialist/.3 full-time equivalent dean of students, was identified by the administrators as the top need for the district. The 21 tasks identified for the position include:

• Manage the district’s web page.

• Repair and format computers.

• Troubleshoots and offers help-desk support.

• Performs daily backups of technology systems.

• Monitors the servers for the building and district.

• Inventories new equipment via fixed asset tags.

• Relocates current equipment as needs dictate.

• Performs summer maintenance, cleaning, setup, updating, and repairs.

• Sets up and installs new printers and computers.

• Installs and updates computer operating systems.

• Performs staff and student training.

• Collaborates and communicates with district technology director.

• Accounts for elementary student attendance.

• Supervises the management of elementary students.

• Communicates with relevant staff members on student related issues.

• Communicates with parents on pertinent student related issues.

• Coordinates and implements awards and other recognition programs.

• Supervises after school elementary activities as assigned.

• Represents administration at special education meetings.

• Oversees operation of the school in the absence of the principal.

• Performs any other duties as assigned by the Principals and Superintendent.

School board member Brian Asmus said he felt it was necessary to have someone available to help Cathy Wills, Sibley East’s technology director.

Principals Mari Lu Martens and Steve Harter added that technology needs will continue to grow and that it is important to get someone to assist Wills in that area.

Jones said that this person, who would be primarily based in Arlington, would be available anytime to take care of student issues and technology emergencies. He suggested that the person hired be given a 212 day contract, and then offer an additional 30 day contract for someone else to help with the technology in the summer.

He suggested using the available funding for the position over a two year period. He said that if a current staff member is moved into this position, then the district may need to hire someone to fill the current staff member’s position during the two-year period.