Pictures of the Gaylord Pool—now folks want them!


Do you have any that you are willing to share or post on our FACEBOOK site? After we started taking down the windsox and re-locating all the plants, folks came down to snap their souvenirs photos. (It already did not look like the hub of summer activity on the north end of our town!) After the power got cut, we had visitors who wanted to take pictures of the locker room paintings in particular. Would you please start to post them and/or at least let us all know on our site what you have in your possession?

What are your Gaylord Pool memories? Boy, oh, boy, have I ever heard a lot of them in the past weeks and many are amazingly wonderful! The Gaylord Pool is/was indeed a very cool place to hang out for many indeed!

Our phone is no longer working, but will remain the same come next May when it gets re-connected you will then be able to once again dial 507-237-2266 and listen to our answering machine that always talks to YOU in rhyme!

Please watch the back window at the Dueber’s store. Marlys has agreed to let me decorate it from now until next summer. Megan Weber is going to be my little assistant in decorating the window, (She’ll be able to get into the window to change things!) and so we will try to keep you all informed! Look each and every time that YOU drive by! YOU are a part of the forever-cool Gaylord Pool; now you are a part of the transformation to the Gaylord Area Aquatic Center!

This past weekend, Denny and Angie Weber came down to get a few more ferns for use at their place. Daughter Caroline was with her parents. Oh, course, she asked to see the inside of the bath-house one last time. I obliged, although it now sits lifeless…empty…devoid of our day to day hustle, bustle and clutter! Once inside, it was so empty that she could hear an echo as she spoke! One of the very few items still hanging on the wall was our text-message phrase about the Gaylord Pool….No 1 is 2.C.4 the G.P. (we have said this for years now….ever since we put in on a t-shirt that we made!) Caroline says, “Oh, Eileen, you have to take that! It is soooo Gaylord Pool! What is says is true!” I questioned her about her request, saying I had taken and washed up the shirt with the same phrase on, but after she left as I was shutting the door, I looked again at the sign and said to myself, Caroline, you are right on both….and I took the tattered and worn poster! NO ONE IS TOO COOL for the GAYLORD POOL! Kids, sometimes they are soooo right!