To the Editor:


A recent letter left me shaking my head and thinking, “Here we go again. Each election season, negative and false political attacks pop up like weeds in the garden.”

Representative Terry Morrow has never taken a raise at the legislature. He did not accept an increase in 2007 or 2008. A recent letter writer is flat wrong: Terry never “cashed in” because he never accepted the increase. Newspapers widely reported these facts in 2008.

Terry Morrow built upon this leadership-by-example in 2009, when he reduced his per-diem payments. He knew that the economy was hurting, people were losing jobs, and the state budget had a shortfall. Terry repeated this leadership-by-example by further reducing his payments in 2010.

Year after year, Terry accepts the lowest per diem of area legislators. Terry has accepted over $10,000 less than the legislators in seven regional legislative districts during his time in office: Terry and Representative Kathy Brynaert accept virtually the same amount. Each area newspaper has been sent the data and Terry has provided this information to the press in the past.

Terry does more: he has authored bills time and again to establish an independent commission to set state officials’ compensation, removing the legislature from the process.

The first bill of the legislative session covers many topics, including paying the bills and setting compensation for all Capitol employees. Without passing this bill, the legislature cannot operate. Terry voted to pay the bills, set budgets, and pay employees. He knows that individual legislators can voluntarily limit their per-diem payments. Terry took this step when virtually every other regional legislator —even those who voted against the bill—took the maximum daily amount.

Minnesota faces serious challenges that require common-sense solutions from experienced leaders. Terry works hard and successfully with our families, our area employers, our farmers, our schools, our nursing homes, our hunters and anglers, and more. Terry stays away from the negative, partisan discord that we dislike and that reflects poorly upon candidates who use it.

I encourage everyone to support Terry Morrow as our state representative so that we can rise above partisan rancor, overcome Minnesota’s challenges, and realize our opportunities.

Ruth Johnson
Chair, Terry Morrow Campaign Committee