The Gaylord Pool is now a construction site


This morning (Tuesday) we had our first pre-construction meeting down at the site of the now forever-cool Gaylord Pool and soon to be known as the Gaylord Area Aquatic Center! Let’s start watching this amazing transformation!

As many of you know, the orange snowfences are now up, bordering the construction site. We have all been warned: This encloses the WORKSITE! Stay out!

After this meeting this morning, Russ (from USAquatics) basically said to me, “Well Eileen, your city has now given us this site; it’s time to get busy” and so I want (and need to remind everyone) that starting next Monday, September 20th, 2010, we all need to stay out of their way and just watch! On next Monday and Tuesday, the companies involved will be moving in their big equipment and they need room to move so do not go past the pool even during the day. If the gate is open, it is open just for the workers! Workers are scheduled to be working daily from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. so the north end of town will have lots of action! The trees will be coming down too and daily, there will be changes to see—if we all just keep watching from a safe distance!

We all need to drive by (often) and check out the action but stay behind the orange fencing! If you drive through the park and are coming past Walsh Field, you will need to always take a right turn at our SARAH Sunshine Rain Garden and loop around back in through the woods by the lake! Let’s all follow these directions as come June 2011, we want this place to be OPEN for you and for me and for all to see! By my math, USAquatics and all the involved contractors will give us all a really nice present (by my birthday, May 20th) if we just give them the next eight months to do their jobs!

Please note that the bathhouse and the pumphouse are “guesstimated” to be coming down starting next Wednesday, September 22nd! Where will you be when as our pool show song from this past summer’s show said, “The walls come tumbling down”?????

Stay tuned…the best is yet to come!