It’s looking pretty bare down at the pool…


…and we can barely wait for the action to begin. Stay tuned. While our cleaning up, we placed our last bench across the road. On some warm, sunny fall day, we invite you to check out the action from way over there. It is a safe distance away and you must walk to get there!

Until the demolition begins, our flowers are still for sale. Please stop down, pick out and buy yourself a memory or two. We also have less than a handful of the Northern Gardener Magazine, if you still would like to buy one for the great memories (in color) of our swimming pool!

The bids for the demolition and subsequent re-construction were opened this last Tuesday evening and bids were awarded at the Wednesday night council meeting. We await the arrival of Chard and his crew who got the bid to take down the bath-house and the pumphouse too.

“Good news” for all those who are looking forward to using our big slides. We are getting both right away! And relax, both a low board (1 meter) and a high board (3 meter) are also in the plans for our new facility. Thus we are already making plans to offer diving lessons next summer for all ages! My guess is that without boards for the past two summers, we all will be able to use some brush-up lessons to get our form back!

This week, now that we have moved, I will have time to start totaling up this past summer’s attendance and lesson information. Stay tuned and I will soon be able to share all of this with you. The 45th and final summer at the now forever-cool Gaylord Pool was an unusually hot, and busy one, with lots of new users of our pool and participants for our lesson program. My thoughts are that the numbers will be “music to our ears” and give us plenty of information to go on as we begin planning for all the action to come at the Gaylord Area Aquatic Center when it opens its doors come June 6, 2011.

We will lose our phone line this week, until our new facility opens. Stay in touch with us by going to our group FACEBOOK site. Plug in GAYLORD POOL and click on our logo. Then you can keep in touch with us as we move from HERE to THERE!

The howling winds in the pre-dawn hours the morning (Tuesday) woke me up and I went to the pool to move a few more things. I met Darrel as he unloaded our heaping full dumpster. We wondered together, when the winds howl like this again, what will our pool’s site look like? We will probably be experiencing our first Minnesota snowstorm of the season! Hard to think about, huh?