Fiber optic feasibility study moving forward


In six to eight weeks, the Sibley County communities and Fairfax will find out whether or not a fiber-to-the-home and fiber-to-the-farm program will pay for itself.

Doug Dawson of CCG, the company conducting the study, informed Gaylord’s City Council last week, that there has been a favorable survey response to the proposed project. If the fiber optics project will pay for itself, he estimated that Internet service could be five to 100 times faster than what it is today.

Dawson said that Minnesota is one of the most aggressive states with the fiber-to-home project. He said that the Sibley County and Fairfax project is unique with the fiber-to-farm aspect.

The fiber optic service is seen as attractive to businesses. Some communities who have the service have found that it has helped to retain local businesses, Dawson said.