City’s proposed tax levy seen as “worst case scenario”


Gaylord’s proposed tax levy for 2011 is seen as the “worst case scenario.”

The proposed 2011 tax levy is $1,018,497, which reflects a 38.2% increase from the 2010 levy of $737,125.

Workshops are being planned to potentially trim the budget and levy. The final levy will be approved in December.

According to City Administrator Kevin McCann, the majority of the proposed levy increase is toward additional debt service of $127,498 due to the street projects, the public library, the EMS building, and $53,874 for general fund expenditure increases and projects. The preliminary levy also includes $100,000 for the Capital Improvement Fund to start conducting the various projects contained in the 2011-2020 Capital Improvement Plan.

McCann also stated that although the City’s local government aid is projected to increase by $153,493, staff was conservative and only budgeted $66,901.

The 2011 budget reflects an overall spending increase of 13.15% for the general fund. This increase includes all City spending, City salaries with a 2% cost of living and step increases for employees still on the payscale, budgeting for a full-time police chief, and all capital improvement savings to include such things as street patching and maintenance improvements, and various City equipment upgrades.


  1. Last week we have a story about a potential new business being shot down unanimously (you know, which would have brought pesky things like jobs and tax revenue to town). This week we have a story about a whopping budget shortfall. Lets connect the dots here, people! Okay, I’ll do it for you. Ultimately the town has to decide if it wants to grow or die. If it wants to die, okay fine — so be it. If it wants to grow, then it has to be welcoming and accepting of all businesses — and I do mean ALL (we are supposed to be a free / capitalistic country after all, are we not?). So its a fundamental choice. And I think its pretty clear which option is being chosen….