City to seek engineering proposals to replace dam


The City Council, last week, took another step in its effort to try to clean up Lake Titloe.

The City Council unanimously approved seeking engineering proposals to replace the Lake Titloe dam.

Greg DeVries, a member of the Lake Titloe Committee, provided information to the Council that the City has owned the dam since 1893.

An inspection by the Department of Natural Resources in June 2008 by Ethan Jenzen and Robb Collett states that the dam is unstable and in poor condition.

The inspection report states that the concrete spillway is broken and offset from the desired position. The downstream area has been filled with broken concrete with reinforcement exposed and creating a rapids system. The earthen embankment was judged to be unstable with trees covering the crest.

Another major concern is that several small side channels have been cut and water flows away from the main channel, and also indicates seepage or overflow in the embankments. There was found to be inadequate riprap on all portions of the structure.

Collett told the Council that the dam replacement could be placed on the 2012 bonding list but that there are no guarantees. Collett said that he would like to seek the dam replacement within the next five years.

Collett indicated that there are now several funding sources that might help pay for the project. He also said that the public ditch system might also be a potential source of funds for the project.