Annexation to move forward on property south of town


After further research, a staff committee has recommended proceeding with annexation of land south of Gaylord. The area includes the Jim Peterson/Gary Webster land north of Mud Lake to Railroad Avenue and land south of the industrial park.

A committee, consisting of Don Lannoye of Schauer Law Office, Gaylord’s City attorney, City Administrator Kevin McCann, and Avery Grochow, recommended proceeding with that property because part of it has city utilities. Although the owners object, it was the committee’s opinion that the property has received benefits. A resolution for annexation will be brought to the Sept. 15 Council meeting.

The committee proposed abandoning possible annexation on the east side of Gaylord for several years, because there is no current plan for the trail. The proposed annexation area was the east edge of 13th Street located on the east edge of Gaylord, and a triangular parcel between the railroad and Highway 19. The committee also recommended abandoning annexation plans on the west side of town, because it was felt that the property needed for a future trail could be accomplished with an easement or purchase. It had been proposed to annex the west edge of Tenth Street, from High Avenue to North Avenue.

Peterson, who attended the council meeting, stated that annexation would “raise taxes and give me zero benefit.”