Every end is a new beginning…


…and we have begun the transition to moving out of our humble abode here at the ever-cool Gaylord Pool! The task is an aerobic and weight training workout all in one but oh, so fun! The discoveries we have made! The laughs we have shared while packing! “These” are now in our Gaylord Pool memories too!

Our gardens probably don’t look like our Garden Sale was a success but so far, the response has been wonderful! Lots of folks came to dig up and carry away pieces of our flower beds. Our sale will continue through the Labor Day weekend! Please stop on down, dig out and buy a memory!

We have about a dozen Northern Gardener magazines left that are on sale for $4 each here at the pool. An ironic tidbit about our gardens being in the news is that not one, not two, but three vehicles full of gardeners coming from the Henderson Hummingbird Hurrah this past weekend, ventured to Gaylord to check out our gardens. Alas, they are no longer there and we sent them on their way with their magazines and subsequent pictures of what used to be our flower beds! Ah, the memories!

As I write this, it is Tuesday, August 31st. Today we are opening the bids for the demolition and rebuilding of our facility. Tomorrow night (September 1st) the results go before our City Council for their approval. Then in 10 days, the demolition will begin! So mark your calendars for September 13th and get ready to watch the action! It will be such an interesting journey!

Who would have ever thought, huh?!?!? Clayton Johnson was down to our pool with his family before we closed. Four generations have worked on or at the Gaylord Pool.

I asked Clayton if he ever thought we’d be rebuilding, and he smiled and said, “Oh yeah, I always hoped! The pool was a great idea! We had to do a lot of convincing to some back in the early 60s when we first began this project but in the end, it was all well worth it!”

I whole-heartedly agree and say THANKS to all those who rolled up their sleeves and put together the dream of the now forever-cool Gaylord Pool! As the saying goes, “Come with me my friends…the best is yet to be! Come and see the Gaylord Area Aquatic Center and see if you don’t all agree?!?”

Everyone has their memories that we are taking from the Gaylord Pool. FACEBOOK us at our group site, GAYLORD POOL, and you can all look at the photos folks are posting. Also ask your questions and make your comments. Opening day is Monday, June 6, 2011.

I never really thought about it but some of my favorite memories are comments I have heard from all these potential pool demolishers and the subsequent companies that have been stopping by to take a look and then figure out their bids for our re-building.

We have heard lots of “Wows,” now this is a pool that is used!” (They are browsing through our pamphlet.) We have heard lots of comments about how the place shows that it is loved. We have enjoyed hearing those too. And the best one was from a gentleman who asked if he could take some pictures. I thought he was maybe a former lifeguard back to savor the memories. But rather, he said, “I want to use some of these photos in a Power Point presentation to prove that pools like this still exist!” He also said our place was amazing. What could we do but smile? We agree!

Oh yeah, the Gaylord Pool has existed right here for 45 years and we have all loved being a part of it! And now, on with the show! Let the project begin!