City to further consider proposed annexation


There could be a decision Wednesday (tonight) on a proposal to annex pieces of Dryden Township land into the City of Gaylord.

Proposed by City officials is the annexation of four pieces of land, all of which border current City limits. It is being done so in an attempt to clean up City boundaries and to be prepared for a trail system being planned, according to City Attorney Don Lannoye.

Properties proposed for annexation included the following:

• West edge of Tenth Street from High Avenue to North Avenue;

• Land from north of Mud Lake to Railroad Avenue;

• Land south of Gaylord’s Industrial Park;

• The east edge of 13th Street located on the east edge of Gaylord; and a triangular parcel between the railroad and Trunk Highway #19;

According to an orderly annexation agreement, established in 1977, these parcels are subject to annexation upon them becoming suburban in character and the City is capable of providing municipal services to the property. Some of these parcels already have municipal services, according to City Administrator Kevin McCann. And, the City is currently maintaining some of the roadways in the orderly annexation area.

Last month, Dryden Township property owners expressed opposition to the proposed annexation. Their primary concern was that they would see a tax increase but wouldn’t see a benefit to property. The City also received a letter opposing the annexation proposal.

City Attorney Lannoye, at the August 18th City Council meeting, updated council members on the proposed annexation.

According to Lannoye, the best option may be to negotiate with landowners for property along 10th Street. Lannoye believes council members will be asked to annex the land north of Mud Lake and south of Gaylord’s Industrial Park because these areas already have City services. And it appears the City will hold off on annexation of land on the east edge of town. Lannoye said the City could hold off on this property because there are no immediate plans for development.

A final recommendation on the annexation proposal is expected to be made to council members Wednesday.

Other items on the agenda for Wednesday’s City Council meeting include:

• Discussion regarding Gaylord Area Aquatic Center;
– Consider demolition bids;
– Consider construction bids;

• Update regarding 2010 street and utility improvement project;

• Discussion regarding Lake Titlow dam;

• Discussion regarding Fiber Optics feasibility study;

• Consider resolution to adopt proposed 2010 tax levy;

• Consider sprinkler system quotes for Walsh Field;

• Consider new civil defense siren quotes;