County employees will receive 2% COLA in 2011


Sibley County employees, except for County Commissioners, will receive a 2% cost of living adjustment for 2011.

County Commissioners, by a 5-0 vote, approved the measure Tuesday.

In addition, Sibley County increased the health insurance cap by $30 for single coverage and $50 for family coverage next year. Health insurance premiums for next year are increasing $35/month for single coverage and $95/month for family coverage.

With the increase, Sibley County, next year, has the cap set at $540/month for single coverage and $680/month for family coverage.

Commissioner Bill Pinske, who serves on the budget committee, explained that by increasing the insurance cap, this would result in those receiving single coverage getting almost all of the increase paid, and about 50% of the family coverage increase paid.

Commissioners also agreed to include $100,000 in the Commissioners’ contingency fund in the 2011 budget. These funds were included in the budget for possible state unallotment and other needs, Pinske said.

Auditor Lisa Pfarr and her staff will need to make these approved changes to the 2011 budget and levy. Final approval of the preliminary levy will be made on September 14.

Prior to the most recent changes, Sibley County’s adjusted net property tax levy was $10,847,387, a decrease of $36,729 or .34% from the 2010 levy of $10,884,118.

The Board of Commissioners will approve the final levy in December.