CHANGE is necessary for growth…


…and here at the Gaylord Pool we are embracing it! We closed our doors for our 45th and final summer in the sun at this site on Tuesday night, August 24th, 2010. Now we are in our TRANSITION mode, cleaning out our present site in great anticipation of the Gaylord Area Aquatic Center! We await with great anticipation all that lies ahead!!! Like all the children who stand out at our new pool’s display in the parking lot and point -n- dream, we too join in their excitement! The Gaylord Pool is not for children only, nor will the new and improved Gaylord Area Aquatic Center. All will be welcome here, just as everyone has in the past!

We, the pool staffs over the years, take great pride in the success that we have created down here and the legacy that we are making for all who come and use our place for fitness, fun, fellowship and of course, to enjoy the food!

WE are are getting a new facility, one that we can all embrace, enjoy and take pride in for many years to come. Let the journey from here to there (Opening Day June 6, 2011) begin!

There is a saying that “gardeners know all the dirt” and here at the Gaylord Pool we want to share a little bit of all our gardens with you! Thus, we are now holding a GARDEN SALE. Come look us over and buy a few perennials to take home and plant. Call for an appointment at 237-2266 and we will get you on our schedule. Our sale runs from NOW thru Sunday, August 29, 2010. Help us raise funds for our SERTOMA TRAIL which we will be putting all the way around our new facility. Come and take home some blooming memories from the Gaylord Pool!

The Gaylord Pool’s flower beds are featured in the September/ October issue of Northern Gardener magazine! We are so very proud! Since this is basically a “subscription only” magazine put out by the Minnesota Horticultural Society, we have been given a limited number of copies that we can sell for $4 each. Please call the pool and come get a copy to remind you of the pool’s flower beds and the way they were.

We are now on the move with any and everything we want to keep from the present Gaylord Pool; so for us, the next 10 days will be amazingly busy and “aerobic!” Our site MUST be vacated by us by Labor Day 2010. Once we all get back to school and work, let the TRANSFORMATION into the new Gaylord Area Aquatic Center begin! We will all be watching and waiting for next summer to come!

Will you have your swimsuit ready so that you can suit up and join us?