Went to the Lake


My children and I just returned from a week at Pilgrim Point Camp, which is why I had no column last week. We had a great time, but I didn’t put any thought into what to write while I was gone. Frankly, I didn’t put a lot of thought into anything while I was gone. I just lived in the moment and enjoyed being “at the lake.” (I love how Minnesotans say “We’re going to the lake” or “We’re going to the cabin” is if there is only one lake or cabin in the entire state.)

Going to the lake is such a Minnesotan thing to do.

Until I heard the comments my children made, I had not thought about how little time they have spent on lakes — even though we live across the street from one. One child commented that the sound of water lapping on shore is “kind of creepy.” During a pontoon ride around Lake Ida, another child commented that it was her first time seeing water lilies.

I spent many summers at Lake Vermillion where my grandparents had a cabin. (It was really a mobile home, but we called it “the cabin.”) From age 11 to 18, I lived on Lake of the Woods and from age 18-24, I lived on Superior. Lakes were just a part of life. I find water to be both relaxing and stimulating. I am not sure why so many of us are drawn to water.

Obviously, it is a source of food and drink, which is important, but I think maybe there is something deeper that draws us to water. Most of the planet is water. Most of our human bodies are water. And we begin life in a sack of water. (I know it is amniotic fluid, but bear with me.)

Maybe water reminds us of that time when we were always safe and warm. Maybe we know on a cellular level that water is the key to life as we know it and that is what draws us to it.

I don’t know.

These are just random thoughts from someone who took a week off from thinking.