Wow, weren’t the fireworks just EGG-cellent?


The whole Eggstravaganza week-end was so much fun and we here at the Gaylord Pool enjoyed TREE-mendously being a part of it! (Ask Tim Young about this line. It helped him to find the Golden Egg!) Thanks for the memories! What will the EGG committee come up with as next summer’s plans as an encore?!?!? Stay tuned!

Our pool closes its doors this coming Saturday morning (8-21-2010) at 7:30 a.m. after we treasure the memories during our 12-hour swim this Friday night. We will be open just for you to come and take one last swim at the ever-cool Gaylord Pool from 7:30 p.m. right straight through to 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, August 21st when we close our doors for the last time!

Then, we invite all of you to join us up at the Prairie House for breakfast at 8 a.m. On the menu will be a special Gaylord Pool Breakfast as we all gather to savor the memories at our Kleenex Party! (Don’t forget to bring your Kleenex…a least a couple will be needed.) Doesn’t everyone have some memories of the Gaylord Pool that they will want to share?

Then comes the weekend during which we intend to start moving out! The demolition of our pool is set for the week of August 30 – September 3rd, 2010 so this gives us one week to move it or lose it! We will be busy!

We invite everyone during our transition week (moving out week) to come to our Garden Sale August 24-25-26-27. All plants in the Gaylord Pool’s flower beds are up for sale at our suggested donation price of $2.00 a plant.

You must call to set up an appointment with us to come and get some of the flowers that have so very much been a part of the Gaylord Pool over the years. Call #237-2266 to set up your appointment time.

You must bring your spade and boxes to claim whatever we have that you would like to dig out, buy and take! Thanks in advance for participating as this will help to make my “Kleenex Party” just a tad less wet!

Now, the proceeds from our Gaylord Pool Garden Party Sale will all go into the soon-to-be-set-up fund for the SERTOMA TRAIL, a 606 foot long and 6 foot wide walkway that we are planning to put all the way around our new facility in the spring of 2011. Just think about this: walkers, bikers, strollers, wheel chairs and motorized wheel chairs will all be able to go around the outside of the new Gaylord Area Aquatic Center and take in the view once this trail is done! Soon the details of how you can all get involved and become a friend of the Gaylord pool will be made public! But here is a big hint: for $46.00 (next summer will be our 46th summer of fun in the sun here) we are going to line the outside of this trail with engraved pavers all donated to our cause by you! Help us to pave the way to our new facility by joining our 2010-11 school year project! About this, I am so very excited!

Let’s face it, the end of this summer is near, and because once the demolition and subsequent construction of our new facility begins, you will not be able to call the pool and listen to our answering machine that talks in rhyme all the time. So you now should go to Facebook and get onboard to the Gaylord Pool site so that you can keep in touch with us during our amazing journey from here to there — the opening of our new Gaylord Area Aquatic Center come June of 2011! Don’t delay; you should do this today!