Races develop in Gaylord, New Auburn and SE school board


Races have developed in Gaylord for both mayor and City Council, for mayor and City Council of New Auburn, and Sibley East School Board.

Current Gaylord City Council members Carl Wetzel and Brenda Pautsch have filed for mayor. The mayor has a two-year term. Pautsch’s term on the Council will expire the end of this year. Doug Quast, Gaylord’s mayor, announced last week that he would not be seeking re-election.

Four candidates have filed for three seats on the Gaylord City Council. They are incumbent Jessica Uecker, Susan Schmitt, Jim Landaas, and Shawn Losure.

Races have developed for mayor and City Council in New Auburn.

Pam Horton and Craig Lowden are challenging incumbent Roger Becker for mayor of New Auburn.

Four candidates, incumbent Elizabeth Frahm, Rebecca Brockoff, Linda Stark, and Sheri Lowden have filed for two, four-year terms on the City Council. Doug Munsch filed for the two-year term on the City Council.

Three incumbents have filed for three, four-year terms on the Sibley East Board of Education. Candidates are Anne Karl, Dan Woehler, and Scott Dose, all of Arlington.

Casey McCue of Green Isle and Beth DuFrane of Henderson have filed for the two-year term on the school board. The two-year term was placed on the ballot after the resignation of Jodi Hanson. Tim Dolan was appointed to fill Hanson’s seat until the end of the year.

Filing closed Tuesday at 5 p.m. The positions will be filled at the Nov. 2 general election.