LeRoy Grewe to retire as Sibley County Surveyor


Sibley County will have a new County Surveyor next year.

LeRoy Grewe, who has held the position since 1978, is retiring at the end of term, Jan. 2, 2011. He submitted his resignation for retirement purposes last month.

Grewe met with commissioners last week to discuss how to fill the position. Avery Grochow has served as assistant County surveyor since the 1970’s. He also said that Luke Kranz, an employee of SEH, is also certified.

A partial list of County Surveyor duties, as prepared by Grewe, include:

• Replace destroyed or unsuitable monuments along with preparation of updated certificates of location.

• Furnish other land surveyors copies of the maps and certificates of location.

• Review all certificates of location filed by other surveyors.

• Assist the Recorder, Title Examiner, Attorney and other County offices with review of legal descriptions.

• Preparation of Auditor’s plats if required.

• Preparation of easement descriptions and highway plats for the County engineer.

• Review all proposed final plats to be filed within the County. If a plat is located outside of a municipality, then the County surveyor is to submit a preliminary report on the preliminary plat to the County.

Those interested and qualified for the position will be asked to submit a letter of interest. An announcement is being planned on Sibley County’s website in several weeks.