SE Booster Club tops 100 members


Interest in the Sibley East Booster Club appears to be growing.

In a recent quarterly report, the Sibley East’s Booster Club, which is embarking on its third year of existence, announced that it has 102 members. That is a jump from 80 members in December of 2009.

The Sibley East Booster Club was established in the fall of 2008. Its goal is to be an organization which serves as a support group for all athletics and extra-curricular activities that pay an activity fee at Sibley East.

Promoting Area Wolverine Spirit (PAWS) is the theme used by the booster club. The club’s purpose is to support and promote all activities and groups at the Sibley East Junior and Senior High by uniting efforts of students, parents, coaches, faculty, staff and community members in a way that enhances the sharing of school spirit, and provide moral as well as financial support.

Fund raising events sponsored by the booster club this past year included a helicopter heave, a waffle breakfast, multiple pork chop feeds and the selling of Sibley East apparel at events.

Most recently, the Sibley East Booster Club hosted a fund raising golf tournament at the Winthrop golf course. Thirteen teams of three competed in the event which raised nearly $2,000 for the club.

This past year the booster club provided monetary support for the following: purchasing helmets for the football team; helped supply a tent for the boys and girls track teams; purchase of adjustable backboard for the girls’ basketball team; equipment purchases for the weight room.

In addition, the booster club supported the volleyball, soccer and tennis programs in various ways. The club also provided prizes for homecoming and the helicopter heave.

Booster club leaders now have their sights on Sibley East homecoming 2011. The club is again planning to provide prizes for homecoming and is expecting this year to be “bigger and better.”

Also planned this fall is the helicopter heave at the last home football game which is scheduled for Wednesday, October 20th against Montgomery-Lonsdale. Other booster club fund raising events for the 2010-2011 season are still in the planning stages.

The booster club continues to look for new and renewed memberships, as well as assistance with various club committees. Membership renewal forms will be mailed shortly. Anyone interested in becoming a new member can access a membership form under community groups on the school’s website:

There are three levels of business memberships to the booster club:

• A Gold Level member pays $100 per year. A Gold Level member receives a PAWS window decal, a pocket calendar, and a “Gold Member” T-Shirt or wall plaque;

• A Black Level member pays $50 per year and receives a PAWS window decal and pocket calendar;

• A White Level member pays $25 per year and receives a PAWS decal;