The Dog Days of the summer of 2010 have arrived…


…and this is no lie; to beat this heat and humidity, we suggest that you give the Gaylord Pool a try! Why? We are here for you daily and seem to be the place to be this summer! Down here, our swan song season has thus far, not been a bummer!

We are enjoying getting more swimmers here this summer than ever before! Lessons are continuing on each and every weekday right here with amazing results! I can’t wait to get our new Aquatic Center’s pools up and running.

We have plenty of parents this year who have called us about lessons and we have had to say “No, we are completely full after 5 p.m.” This is when working parents can bring their children to our facility for lessons.

Next year, I am so hoping that we can accommodate them all! Especially because once they see our new place, I just know that they will come back and swim with us often throughout the summer!

Our pool show for next Thursday night is beginning to take shape. Are you coming to watch it? Oh, please do, it will be such a great night of hometown talent!

The Gaylord Pool has a dress code that we firmly follow! All swimmers MUST wear swimsuits—no shorts and/or tops!

Special instances always are taken into consideration, but our swimming pool needs you to wear your swimsuit. When you are over-dressed for our pool, your “inappropriate clothing” use up a lot of chemicals! This makes our chemicals off balance and that is a bummer for all of us. Well-balanced water is one of the main reasons we all love to take a dip in the ever-cool Gaylord Pool.

We will direct you gladly to Lake Marion or some other nearby lake if you do not have proper attire!

Also all children under three years need to be wearing swim diapers in both of our pools. Be cool…follow our rules! Help us to keep our pools safe and clean and sanitary for everyone to use.

Also jewelry needs to come off before you go into our pools too.

Family Swim continues to be a very popular time at our pool but I need to remind folks of some of the ground rules. Two children with armies on is the limit per adult in our pool at this time. Also, this is family swim time. It is for families to spend time together—not gather every one of your friends that you can and bring them to the pool. We await your arrival for open swim times!

On Saturday morning, August 14th is the annual Poolside Walk/Run for Fitness and Fun. Show up promptly at 8 a.m. and together we will get our daily dose of exercise in before our big Saturday even really begins! It will be fun and you don’t need to run the 3.2 mile (5K) route. This year with all the street repairs beginning done, we are truly having a walk just for fitness and fun….we are going to have to go where the pavement is!

O.K., the weekend of the Sibley County Fair has arrived! Enjoy it and make plans to come down to the ever-cool Gaylord Pool this month and take a refreshing dip with us! We await your arrival with a smile!