To the Editor:


With the Minnesota State College and University system increasing tuition, freezing employee wages, and laying off employees, I truly feel that now is not the time to deliver performance bonuses to MNSCU leadership. This is a bad idea, which is sending a wrong message to college students and their families. 

Earlier this year, State University faculty realized the gravity of Minnesota’s economic situation and accepted a contract with no salary increases.  This was the right thing to do given the massive budget shortfalls we have seen and are projected to see. I appreciate all the hard work that Chancellor McCormick and his team put into the Legislative Session and MNSCU’s budget.  In a normal budget year, I would agree that MNSCU officials deserve to be recognized for their hard work; however this is not a normal budgetary period. 

I have written a letter to the MNSCU Board stating my displeasure and asking them to reconsider the bonuses given out recently and to any other bonuses that may be considered in the near future. 

Senator Kathy Sheran