What a mid-summer dream come true


The Gaylord Pool and all of you! We have been enjoying our swan song season in the sun and savoring the memories in each and every day down here! You should join us. We are open daily! We truly believe that we have something for everyone! So come everyone! Hop right in!

Our second session of swimming lessons ends this Friday, July 23rd and then next Monday, July 26th with our third and final session of swimming lessons here at our pool! The kids have been improving their skills with each day of lessons. It is truly fun to watch!

Adults are beginning to come and join us too. Now, I ask, “How about you?” Do you too, need a lesson or two? Don’t let the summer slip away or you will be blue! Give us a call at 1-507-237-2266. We want to help you too!

We can do it!
Remember to bring us your aluminum cans. Please keep them coming! We are so hoping to be able to have Internet access when our new facility opens in the spring of 2011.

Super Saturday ahead
The Gaylord Guppies, our Girl Scout Swim team, is hosting our first-ever home swim team meet this coming Saturday morning at our pool starting at 9 a.m. Plan to stop on down and check out the action!

Then as the day continues, the ball games over at Walsh Field will begin as the Legion Baseball Tournament wraps up with their second weekend of games. Come on down and check out the action! Most of the games have been close in score and full of talent to watch!

H20 Fun
Water Aerobics continues to be a biggie at our pool this summer. Attendance has tripled over last year and so we are definitely “in the swim” down here! You should try and join us. The times are easy to remember: 6 a.m., noon and 6 p.m.

This year’s pool show is now less than four weeks away. Are you signed up to be in our show? See us at the pool and we can get you into a group! Our show will kick off EGGstravaganza on Thursday night, August 12th starting at 6:30 p.m.

Remember to start your Saturday of EGGstravaganza by being in our Poolside Fitness Walk. We will briskly walk out to Lakeside Acres and then come back the the pool. It is 5K (3.2 miles). You should plan now to lace up your tennis shoes and join us on Saturday morning, August 14th.

Teams are coming forward to be in our Triathalon, which is now being planned for Sunday morning, August 15th. Swim, bike, then run. There are three people to a team. Come and join us. Let’s have fun!

Our Swan Song Season wraps up on Saturday morning, August 21st after a full night of swimming and camping out! You should plan to join us! We are planning to pitch our tents around the Sarah Sunshine Rain Garden and spend the last night, at our ever-cool Gaylord Pool. We will swim, party, maybe even sleep, eat a few S’MORES around the campfire, then go back inside and swim some more. It all sounds kind of “Bittersweet,” but we are planning the last 12 hours and they are going to be neat! Will you be coming to join us?