Trailblazer breaks ground for new facility in Glencoe


Trailblazer Transit’s new facility in Glencoe is now moving forward within budget.

Thanks to team work between the low bidder Vos Construction of Green Isle, architect SEH, and the owner’s representative Corey Brunton, and Trailblazer officials, $266,002 was trimmed from the project to keep it at the designated $2.2 million. With the reductions, the square footage of the building did not change.

With the changes, Trailblazer Transit’s Joint Powers Board, Thursday, unanimously approved executing the contract with Vos Construction of Green Isle.

The bid was $2,466,002 prior to the reductions.

The new building will be located behind Seneca, just off 13th Street in Glencoe, near County Road 3, on the west edge of town. The site is jointly owned by the City of Glencoe and the Minnesota Department of Transportation, with Trailblazer as a new partner in ownership.

Under the contract, the building must be substantially completed by Jan. 31, 2011. However, there is still hope that the project could be completed by the end of the year, according to Gary Ludwig, director.

Dan Vos of Vos Construction stated that construction will begin within the next two weeks.

Vos explained that one of the changes is for the insulated wall panel. The insulated wall system now being used is more energy efficient than the one originally planned and is pre-finished, which is expected to reduce labor costs. The building was shortened by five to six feet, deleting some overhangs. Custom trim details were changed. Garage windows were taken out. The office was changed to conventional rather than a metal building set. Some landscape features were also removed from the project.

Sam Bontrager, architect from SEH, said that the building colors will be tundra (gray), almond, and harbor blue trim.

Trailblazer Transit’s Joint Powers Board hired Brunton to do the construction administration for a $25,000 fee.

SEH suggested that after completing the final construction documents, that Brunton completed the construction administration phase of the project. SEH, however, requested an additional $12,000 fee, which was approved. SEH will have been paid $120,000.

The Joint Powers Board agreed to the payment, but stated it would not make the final payment until the final drawings for the new facility have been received.

The new facility will unite Trailblazer Transit, Sibley and McLeod County’s transportation system, under one roof. There is currently a dispatch center and bus garage in Gaylord. In McLeod County, there is a dispatch center and bus garage in Hutchinson, on the opposite ends of town from each other. There is also a bus garage in Glencoe.