Mankato firm to manage print services contract


Sibley County Commissioners, Tuesday, approved a managed print service contract with River Bend Business Products, Inc. of Mankato.

A five year contract was approved, with the base amount of $1,047/month.

Earlier this year, Auditor Lisa Pfarr had reported that the potential savings for Sibley County, by having one vendor and one contract would save an estimated $10,421 annually and about $52,000 over five years.

There are currently 89 copiers and printers, which will be reduced to 85, and will gradually be scaled back over time.

Last month, the County Board had tabled ratifying the contract because of concerns about the contract language that were raised by County Attorney Dave Schauer. Schauer was concerned because the initial language seemed that the County would be obligated to pay River Bend if the firm couldn’t perform. Aaron Scharpe, deputy auditor, reported that Schauer approved the contract after deleting four words. The contract states that the firm will have up to 48 hours to replace defective equipment.

Sibley County has also received a check for $12,150 for four machines that River Bend purchased from the County.