It’s a mid-summer dream come true…


…the Gaylord Pool is here and it’s for YOU! Come and join us during our SWAN SONG SEASON in the sun! We are filled with opportunities to “get wet from sun-up to sun-down”! Give us a call at 1-507-237-2266.

Have you noticed our herd of cows out in our garden? They are part of our plan to say “HAVE YOU HEARD? Holy Cow, we are getting a new pool! Get in the mooooo-d for even more good times!” Go to Facebook, scroll down to the group sites, find the Gaylord Pool and check us out!

Look what is coming to your favorite pool too. There is so much more that I know but am not ready yet to share! Organization for projects takes time but let’s just say Sertoma is going to help pave the way to our new facility! You, too, can get involved! Watch for details in the coming week or two.

Please continue to bring us your aluminum cans. We are collecting them with the hope of paying for internet access for our pool come the summer of 2011 with the proceeds from the sale of all these cans! With your help, we can do our future! And let me tell you, the future at the Gaylord Pool is sooooo bright, that we all need to wear shades!!!

Swimming lessons are primary at the Gaylord Pool and this year’s staff has really been stepping up to the place and “showing all that they know” to all of our lesson participants! Our days are full of those who want to learn to swim and/or learn to swim better from mid-morning right up to 7 p.m. each night.

The kids are learning so much! Come down some time, and watch from outside our fence or even ask Aimee for permission to come inside and watch our lesson program in progress. It is not perfect, but yet it is a perfectly wonderful way to learn to swim! Sign your children up today by calling us at 1-507-237-2266.

Pool show practices are getting set up right now! Join the fun! Participate in our show on Thursday night, August 12th. Call us to get your children signed up to participate!

The Gaylord Guppies will be hosting their first ever home swim team meet next Saturday (the 24th) at our pool, starting at 8 a.m. Come and watch the fun!

The PIGS are here out at the Pow Wow all this weekend! Thus there will be lots of new faces around town! We are playing hosts to them all. Greet the strangers who you meet this coming weekend!

The District Legion Baseball playoffs get underway at Walsh Field this weekend and continue through-out next weekend too. This event and all its games will also bring lots of new faces to our town. I sure do hope that they all bring along their swimsuit, sunscreen and a towel! We cordially invite them all to come for a dip right here….at the ever-cool Gaylord Pool!

The JC Park Committee is hosting a big kickball and bean bag tournament this weekend at the Jaycee Park! Plus — and we think this is one of the best parts of all this news — we get to watch former lifeguard Brian Evans play with his band Saturday night in the parking lot between the library and Neisen’s Bar. I love to watch him perform; his antics wear me out. Plus, I always have to chuckle when I recall that while he worked here at the pool, he NEVER would sing…not even one line!

Let’s enjoy all the good times just ahead and party “Gaylord style!”