County moves forward with realigning two roads


Sibley County is moving forward with re-routing two County road intersections near Arlington and Green Isle to realign them with Highway 5.

County Commissioners, Tuesday, approved a purchase agreement for approximately four acres from Orlin C. Meyer and Vivian Meyer. The purchase price is $23,000. This purchase agreement will pave the way for re-routing CSAH 11, south of Green Isle. The plan is to have a four-way intersection with CSAH 11, CSAH 15, and Highway 5 just south of Green Isle.

Commissioners also approved a permanent easement with Jeffrey Bahr and Michelle Bahr for realigning CSAH 12, east of Green Isle, with Highway 5 and the railroad. They will be paid $1,300.

Sibley County was awarded a federal safety grant that will help fund the project. The work is also being done during the upgrading of the Minnesota Prairie Line. Re-routing the two roads will save the expense of having safety gates at the railroad crossings.

Darin Mielke, Public Works Director, said the the County is now waiting for approval from the Minnesota Department of Transportation for the project. He anticipated a bid opening would be held this fall. An open house to explain the projects is also being planned in the Arlington and Green Isle areas.

In other business, the County Board:
• Approved three changes to the CSAH 2 projects north and south of Gibbon. For the CSAH 2 south project, there will be an increase of $4,971.59 for having a one and a half inch lift of bituminous instead of one inch. Another change was extra use of the milling machine on the south edge of Gibbon, which cost an additional $2,544. These two changes were paid through the state aid regular construction funds. There was an increase of $8,647.50 to the CSAH 2 north project because of requirements to upgrade the pedestrian curve ramps. This project is paid through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Mielke reported that the cold in-place recycling was completed last week. Paving is expected to begin later this week or early next week. The deadline for the CSAH 2 south project is July 25 and August 20 for CSAH 2 north.

• Learned that Sibley County’s seal coating projects on CSAH 1, CSAH 12, and CSAH 13 are nearly completed. Striping is left.

• Was informed that the County’s leased fleet car was returned June 30 and County employees are now using a former Sheriff’s squad car.