Eggstravaganza event needs financial boost


The Eggstravaganza committee is gearing up for another annual celebration. As it starts finalizing details and reviewing budgets, it has come to the group’s attention that sponsorships are only 40% of what last year’s totals were by the June 4th deadline.

“With this realization, we’ll be ‘pounding the pavement’ in search of new or renewing sponsors,” said co-chair Rebecca Lindemann. “These sponsorships help cover many of the expenses that go into planning a great celebration—including the parade, dance and many other entertainment venues.”

The citizens of Gaylord may also remember a story several months ago about a community challenge for the fireworks. This year, the Gaylord Firefighters Relief Association will only match the community’s contribution— meaning the grandeur of this year’s show will largely depend on the amount of donations collected from other sources.

At this time, approximately $1,000 in community contributions have been collected for a grand total of $2,000 with the firemen’s match. The community has a long way to go to reach the Eggstravaganza committee’s $10,000 goal. ($5,000 in community contribution + the maximum $5,000 match by the firemen.)

There are still several community fundraisers for the fireworks donation—including the July 17 pork stand and the July 23 chamburger stand at Jerry’s Home Quality Foods.

Contributions can also be dropped in fireworks collection cans distributed around town or mailed directly to the Gaylord Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 7.