Sibley East Steering Committee takes a look at facilities


Sibley East School District’s Steering Committee began meeting last week to take its first look at facilities.

Community residents who attended the first meeting were Kristin Bates, Michelle Battcher, Francis Bigaouette, Jr., Deb Deis, Tom Eckberg, Bill Ehlke, Phil Keithahn, Holly Kreft, Dave Krohn, Bekah Lundstrom, Pauline Marlinski, Erica Mendez, Angela Mielke, Cinthya Monsivaiz, Jessica Pautsch, Jim Pederson, Rose Thies, Daryl Thurn, Mike Vrklan, Kelli Wentzlaff, and Brent Ziegler. Other community residents who are serving on the committee but were unable to attend the first meeting were Ed Anderson, Mark Brandt, Tiffany Rodning, and Jim Swanson.

Teacher representatives on the committee are Amanda Feterl, Sally Geary, and Randy Walsh. School board members, school administrators, and Sibley East’s health and safety consultant Larry Harbo are also part of the committee.

“The school did not hand pick the committee,” Superintendent Steve Jones said. “People came to us and wanted to serve.

The public is invited to attend the next meeting, which will be held April 6 at 7 p.m. in Gaylord. Architects will be bringing preliminary drawings of renovations and remodeling with preliminary cost estimates.

Jones said that sometime after the April 6 meeting, informational meetings will be scheduled in each of the communities in order to receive feedback from area residents.