SE’s Pennies for Patients raised more than $9,000


Sibley East Elementary Schools in Arlington and Gaylord raised more than $9,000 in the annual Pennies for Patients campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The collection was held January 25 – February 19.

Students at Arlington Elementary raised $6,010.59. Students at Gaylord Elementary raised $3,167.42, exceeding the goal of $1,700.

At Gaylord Elementary, Ms. Steph Schultz’s class collected the most pounds of spare change with more than 600 pounds. Her third grade class will receive a pizza party from the Pennies for Patients organization.

Other top classes at Gaylord were Mrs. Jackie Ranweiler’s fifth grade class, Ms. Katie Boehne’s second grade class, and Mrs. Jill Bussler’s Kindergarten class. These three classes will receive a swimming party.

Arlington Elementary classrooms had the opportunity to earn bronze, silver or gold medals, depending how much money was raised. $300 or more was needed to earn a gold medal, which was a pizza party reward. $200 or more was needed to earn an ice cream party, or silver award, while $100 was needed to receive candy.

At Arlington Elementary, Dan Tackmann’s fourth grade placed first, raising $741. Second place was awarded to Jeana Wibstad’s Kindergarten, and tied for third place were Sharon Marshall’s sixth grade and Melissa Podratz’s third grade. There was a 20¢ difference in the amount collected by Marshall’s and Podratz’s class.

A winter retreat was held Feb. 19 at Arlington Elementary to celebrate student achievement.

Gaylord Elementary students enjoyed making snowmen and snow forts the afternoon of March 5 for raising more than their goal.

“I am so proud of our students,” Mari Lu Martens, Sibley East Elementary principal, said. “One student or one penny acting alone doesn’t accomplish much, but when we all team together, anything is possible. Our students and staff did a great job of giving selflessly to help children and others battling blood cancer.”

Leukemia is the most common cancer in children and young adults less than 20 years old. An estimated 912,938 Americans are living with a blood cancer, and every four minutes, someone new is diagnosed. Since 1992, $5.3 million has been raised locally by thousands of pre-Kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school and college students.

The collections were coordinated by Larry Gieseke at Arlington and Julianne Shaw at Gaylord.