County of Sibley Summary of Regular County Board Proceedings – Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Convened & Called to Order at 9:00 a.m. Present: Anderly, Pettis, Pinske & Woehler; Absent: Swanson; also present were Assistant Attorney Ehrman & Auditor Pfarr. Pledge of Allegiance. Approved: June 9, 2009 Agenda. Pinske – Pettis; 4-0

Approved: Minutes of May 26, 2009 Regular County Board Meeting. Anderly – Pettis; 4-0

Approved: Award Curve Warning Sign Safety Project to JAAK, Inc., Le Sueur, MN at low responsible bid of $300,781.00 – contingent upon MNDOT State Aid Approval. Pinske – Anderly; 4-0

Update: CSAH 8 Hill Shoulder Paving Project began 6-9-09 with milling, shoulder paving and striping to follow; 2009 Bit. Seal Coat Project began week of 6-1-09; CSAH 2 Grading, Drainage & Paving Project will have construction progress updates throughout the project on Public Work’s “Construction Update” on Sibley County’s Website

Proposed Highway Maintenance Plan (subject to change) representing Sibley County’s 5-year plan for crack filling & seal coating of County roads.

Information: Upcoming County Comprehensive Plan Work Session scheduled for 1:00 p.m, Tuesday, June 23, 2009 and tour of Gaylord Hwy Shop for 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, June 23, 2009.

Discussion: Aggregate resources investigation conducted by McCain and Associates, Inc. back in 2003 at Sibley County’s Gravel Pit in Faxon Township that includes info on background, geological, and volume of sand & gravel in the pit.

Information: First application of dust coating applied to County gravel roads week of June 1, 2009.

Report: 2009 Budget Report as of May 31, 2009.

Report: 2009 Monthly Fund Cash balances as of 5-31-09: Revenue at $5,397,372; Road & Bridge at $706,945 and Human Services at $3,712,819.

Information: State Auditors to begin Sibley County’s 2008 Financial Audit (end of June, beginning of July) – Dept. Heads will have a more active role in the audit process for their respective Departments; entrance meeting will be scheduled for a date in July 2009.

Approved: Software license agreement with TriMin Systems, Inc., Roseville, MN for the purchase of Land Records Management Platform Independent Migration at a cost of $7,500, plus $1,200 per year for maintenance cost. Anderly – Pinske; 4-0

Report: Recorder’s Landshark Program currently has 11 users who are charged a fee of $50 per user per month for use of system; $3,890 collected for copies made of documents for October – December, 2008 and $2,052 from Jan. thru May 2009; web-based MN Official Marriage System (MOMS) Records Index is current with marriage records online dating from 1853 to present.

Report: Recorder’s Compliance report indicates 3,872 documents recorded in 2008 – which is 99% of compliance (State requirement is 80%) for recording & return of documents within 15 days, 1,550 documents recorded/returned thru May 2009.

Resolution: #2009-22. Public Hearing Date Set for Approval of a Tax Abatement for Funding of Public Infrastructure that serves the Winthrop Industrial Park – 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, July 14, 2009 at Sibley County Courthouse Commissioner’s Room. Pettis – Woehler; 4-0-1, (absent: Swanson)

Approved: Agreement with State of MN, through its Commissioner of Natural Resources for Sibley County to grant a perpetual agreement to the State of MN to establish, operate and maintain two water level observation wells on SE 1/4 of SW 1/4, Sec34-Twp113-Rge28, Sibley County. Pinske – Pettis; 4-0

Approved: S/T employees to go over maximum 67 days in 2009: Bldg. Maint. Janitor (Polzin); Sheriff Dept. staff: Road Deputy (Fenger); Bailiff-Transport-Road Deputy (Frank). Anderly – Woehler; 4-0

Approved: Amendment to Sibley County Personnel Policy Article 6 Employee Status to revise Section 6.5 “Limited-Term” Employee. Woehler – Pinske; 4-0

Approved: To hire Auditor S/T staff – Auditor Office In Hour Trainer (Kloempken) – $28.50/hr retro to 3/1/09 thru 2/28/10, not to exceed 300 hours, 67 days/yr waived. Pinske – Anderly; 4-0

Approved: Unpaid Law Enforcement Internship (Wilfahrt, Jr.) for summer 2009. Woehler – Pettis; 4-0

Approved Audited Claims:
County Rev. – $36,910.76
Public Works – $26,010.18
Human Serv. – $111.00
Ditch Fund – $16,743.68
Tri-County – $11,485.92
Water Projects – $3,685.89
Total – $94,947.43
Anderly – Pinske; 4-0

Update: Southern MN Tourism Rep (Steckman) presents promotional & marketing handouts on tourism activities and new research reveals the importance of and dollars generated by tourism in MN, thanked County Board for their continued support and encouraged attendance at an upcoming meeting in Morton, MN for Southern MN Tourism budget impact discussions.

Approved: Discussion of the Sibley County Courthouse Generator Project tabled to June 23, 2009 Regular County Board Meeting. Anderly – Woehler; 4-0

Appointments: Day Activity Center Board of Directors – Trimbo and Rhode, three year term ending 6-1-12. Pinske – Anderly; 4-0

Report: Commissioner Pettis reports on recent attendance at an AMC District VII Meeting in Hutchinson and a Metropolitan Council Meeting.

Commissioner Pinske reports on recent attendance at AMC District VII Meeting in Hutchinson and at a Day Activity Center Board of Director’s meeting with discussion of a possible 2.53% levy decrease.

Commissioner Woehler reports on recent attendance at AMC District VII Meeting in Hutchinson indicating budget issues will most likely carry over into the future.

Adjourned at 11:57 a.m. Anderly – Pinske; 4-0

Charlie Woehler, Board Chair
Lisa Pfarr, County Auditor &
Clerk of the Board


The above-published material is only a summary pursuant to M.S. 375.12 & 331A.01 subd.10 and that the full text is on file and available for public inspection in the Office of the Sibley County Auditor, Courthouse, 400 Court Ave., Gaylord, MN and is available on Sibley County’s Website at

Published July 23, 2009