EDA to consider revised contract with Region Nine


The City of Gaylord may soon receive more assistance from Region Nine than it has in the past.

Ronda Allis of Region Nine presented a proposal to Gaylord’s EDA Monday night, that would include not only help with the Economic Development Authority, but also with community development and planning and zoning.

The EDA, however, decided to wait to take action on the proposal until the next meeting because only three of the five members were able to attend.

No one is sure when the City began utilizing the services of Region Nine for the EDA. Allis said that there was a contract prepared June 1, 2006 but it was not signed until June of 2007.

“We are excited about the restructuring we’re doing to bring additional services,” Allis explained. In the City’s existing contract with Region Nine, Allis said that language was ambiguous, and she felt it was important to lay out specifics for the City.

The new proposed contract would provide up to 780 hours of staff time per contract year. This averages out to 15 hours per week and may accommodate eight hours of staff presence per week in Gaylord, and up to an additional seven hours of staff time spent to Region Nine offices for report writing, planning, research, and other related tasks. The cost would be $25/hour for staff time. Mileage would be reimbursed at the IRS rate, with copy expenses at seven cents each for black and white and 15¢ each for color.