Incumbents re-elected in township races


Sonya Meyer defeated Laura Storm in the Dryden Township treasurer’s race Tuesday. This was the only area race in township elections.

Meyer received 108 votes, while Storm received 53.

Meyer was appointed treasurer earlier this year when former treasurer, Vivian Grisham, moved to Gaylord.

Ronald Otto and David Ruehling were elected supervisors in Dryden Township. Otto received 142 votes, while Ruehling received 141 votes. 169 ballots were cast.

In Alfsborg Township voters re-elected David Asmus and Ed Anderson as supervisors and Kevin Madsen as treasurer. Anderson received 151 votes for supervisor, and Asmus received 150 votes for supervisor. Madsen received 146 votes for treasurer.

Kelso Township residents re-elected Lyle Wiest and Maurice Buck as supervisors and Fred Latzke treasurer. Wiest received 148 votes, while Buck received 145 votes. Latzke received 141 votes for treasurer. 162 ballots were cast.

In New Auburn Township, Melvin Dahlke was elected supervisor with 199 votes.

Sibley Township residents re-elected Duane Henke and Curtis Kahle as supervisors and Karl Dietz treasurer. Henke received 154 votes, and Kahle received 158 votes. Dietz received 160 votes for treasurer. There were 169 ballots cast.

Transit Township voters elected Arden Kuehn as supervisor with 143 votes.

This is the first time Gaylord area township elections were held in November. In the past, they were held in March.