To the Editor:


Eggstravaganza, what a weekend it was! Have you ever seen so many people in town? What a fun filled time and how exciting to see so many alumni return to Gaylord to help us celebrate 125 years as a community. Every event was spectacular! The hunt for the golden egg, the pool show, the all class reunion, the breakfast, the queen coronation, the parade, the food, the entertainment, the fireworks, the baseball game, everything was great. It was an exciting weekend indeed.

One cannot imagine the countless hours of hard work that goes into such a weekend, and those hours are put in by many people. So, on behalf of the City I would like to express our appreciation and thank the people responsible for providing Eggstravaganza weekend. We thank you for the many many hours of work and dedication that the committees and volunteers put in to make this event happen. We also would like to thank the sponsors for their donations of financial contributions and of volunteer services, and the many civic organizations that helped out in numerous ways, the businesses, the city staff and departments and each and every volunteer that played a role in making Eggstravaganza weekend a reality. Thank you to everyone involved a super job and a huge success!

People had a lot of nice things to say about Gaylord, like have you seen the new library? I can’t get my kids or grandchildren to leave.

This library is very impressive.

I’ll meet you at the new bakery/coffee shop, they have great coffee and cookies.

The pool is just how I remember it, full of kids.

Did you see the baseball field last night under the lights, it looked like a picture.

What are these? They are new rain gardens and help keep polluted run-off from reaching the lake.

It’s good to see old friends again.

They’re finally doing some street work in town.

My, how the downtown has changed. I remember the old city hall which is now the new library. I can remember when Ralph Jones still had the Ford dealership downtown.

These are all positive comments that speak to the changes that have been happening in Gaylord. These comments tie in well with the Minnesota Design Team weekend coming up in September. We will be working with a large group of community members and the Design Team to identify the direction of future development in Gaylord. If you want to be part of this exciting experience please join us on Friday evening, September 5th, for the community dinner and the town meeting to follow.

Mayor of Gaylord
Doug Quast