All eighth grade students will study algebra


After two years of work, Sibley East’s math teachers have completed adjustments to the math curriculum and standards for math education.

As part of the changes, all eighth graders will be required to take algebra.

Senior High math teacher Al Ihrke explained to the Board of Education last month that the curriculum is changing in order to realign it with new state standardized tests, dubbed “MCA III” starting in 2014.

As part of the curriculum change, sixth and seventh graders will be offered traditional math courses. Eighth graders will either be placed in an honors course or will have a class in order to master linear algebra. Ninth graders who are not in honors courses will take intermediate algebra, which will incorporate statistics and probability. Geometry will be offered to sophomores, algebra II to Juniors, and analysis to Seniors.

These changes will be phased in over a two year period. With these changes, new textbooks will be needed. Superintendent John Langenbrunner estimated that it will cost approximately $45,000 for the textbooks. The current high school textbooks are from 2001, Ihrke said.

These changes were not a surprise to Sibley East. “We knew this was coming. The students will meet the state requirements and the type of material they ned to be successful on state testing,” Ihrke said.

In other business, the Board of Education:

• Accepted donations of $6,000 from the Cable Commission to the Sibley East technology program, and $500 from the State Farm Companies Foundation (Mark Lundstrom) to the Sibley East athletic department.

• Renewed the 2008-2009 agreement with Sibley County Public Health for school nursing services. The contract is $54,500 and it will provide 29 hours of nursing service at both the Gaylord and Arlington campuses.

• Renewed the 2008-2009 agreement with Sibley County Human Services for family facilitator services.

• Called for quotes for bakery, dairy, refuse, and fuel for the 2008-2009 school year.