Welcome back!

A plausible example of our former servers. :-)
How long have we been down? I lost count of the days. First, I need to apologize to all of you, our readers, for this interruption. Sorry, I really hope this doesn’t happen again. I can’t promise it won’t, but we’ll do our best.

Second, I feel you need an explanation. Unfortunately, any reason I provide is just gong to come out as complaining and excuses. I guess the lesson learned is: You get what you pay for. If we put our precious website on a discount hosting provider, we need to be prepared for lousy service.

What took so long?

Everything was backed up, but unfortunately the new host has stricter requirements (a good thing) about what kind of software can run on their servers. It’s taken two weeks, but almost all of the information translated. All of the user information too; so if you are a registered subscriber to gaylordhub.digitaltown.com, your passwords and usernames will still work. It’s worth mentioning that nobody’s user accounts were compromised in the process.

What’s next?

Well, just getting everything running again first. There are still some noticeable holes: the calendar and the advertising. Both of these features are lagging on updates, and not quite compatible with the new system. We expect to have them going again within a week or so.

The Front Page

You have probably noticed that instead of just a long list of recent news stories, you are greeted with this page. All of the regular sections are still here, you just have to use the menu at the right. This is where we intend to focus most of the changes, and make the Front Page more of a welcome and jumping in spot for the rest of the site.