Higher fuel costs impact county seal coating work


Higher fuel costs impacted the county’s costs for seal coating more than 20 miles of roads this year.

County Commissioners, last week, accepted a bid of $434,834.83 from Morris Seal Coat & Trucking, Inc. of Morris. Morris Seal Coat submitted the lowest of three bids. However, the Morris bid was $45,685.34 more than the engineer’s estimate of $389,149.49.

The other two bids that were submitted were $465,657.95 from Astech Corporation of St. Cloud and $499,385.77 from Allied Blacktop Company of Maple Grove.

Roads that will be seal coated are: CSAH 1, from CR 57 to Grant Street in Winthrop, CSAH 2 from 7th Street to Highway 19 in Gibbon, CSAH 8 from CSAH 2 to CSAH 3, CSAH 9 from the Nicollet County Line to CSAH 8, CSAH 17 from CSAH 8 to CR 66, CSAH 19 from CSAH 12 to CSAH 27, and CR 55 (new CSAH 8) from CSAH 22 to CSAH 2.

Sibley County Public Works Director Darin Mielke said that asphalt costs have gone up 10%. Mielke had budgeted $435,000 for the entire project. However, the county will spend more than anticipated because of the rock that needs to be purchased.

This year’s bituminous seal coating projects also include a fog coat. Mielke explained that this is sprayed on top of the seal coat rock. This method was done on a county project last year and Mielke believes that the fog coat may save future maintenance costs.

Seal coating is funded entirely by county tax dollars, Mielke said.

In other business, the commissioners:

• Were informed by Mielke that there may not be as much bridge bonding money as hoped to do all the projects planned this year. Although the state bridge bond funding is $50 million, it appears that $25 million will be used for the Lowry Bridge in Minneapolis, which is on a county state aid highway.

• Set the land acquisition price to $5,000acre for the 2009 CSAH 2 shoulder widening project north of Gibbon. Mielke said that 20 acres will need to be purchased. Land acquisition prices were at $3,750/acre on past projects, and Mielke had budgeted $4,000/acre, but land prices are now considerably higher. Payments for temporary easements, earth and crop damages will be set at a future date. Additional right-of-way will need to be purchased north of County Road 10. From the City of Gibbon to CSAH 10 east, the right-of-way is already 50 feet each way from the center of the roadway.

• Accepted the low quote from Kev’s Lawn Care, Le Sueur, to provide mowing at the Clear Lake and High Island County Parks. The charge is $1,200/month for both parks.

• Approved the purchase of two, 3/4 ton pickup trucks from Wolf Motors of Gaylord. The pickups will be used by the Highway Department. The Commissioners also approved the purchase of a third pickup truck with a winch from Wolf Motors of Gaylord. This pickup will be for the Environmental Services Department.