Two buildings in town deemed hazardous


Gaylord’s City Attorney was given authorization by council members last week to proceed with the removal process of two hazardous buildings in town.

According to City Administrator Kevin McCann, the City’s building inspector has deemed two homes hazardous and conditions need to be remedied.

The first property is on South Fifth Street, a home damaged by a fire in December, 2006. According to McCann, the building inspector has determined that, due to the extent of the fire, the building is unfit for human habitation and therefore condemned.

A second property deemed hazardous is a mobile home in the trailer park. McCann reported that the building inspector went to the structure in September and determined a list of 11 items that needed to be repaired.

According to McCann, nothing has been done to either property to repair, remove or replace the two buildings. The Police Chief has sent each property owner a ticket and now the City Attorney must get involved, McCann explained.

Removal of the homes will be done at the expense of the City. According to McCann, the City would try to get reimbursed through an assessment on the property. He reported that this is in accordance to the 2007 Minnesota State Building Code’s Hazardous and Substandard Buildings chapter.