Goal to establish SE Booster Club by fall of 2008


It is the goal of Sibley East’s Extra-Curricular Committee to establish a Booster Club by the fall of 2008.

That was the message delivered to approximately 60 people who attended a booster club organizational/informational meeting Friday in Gaylord.

Among the reasons the committee is considering a booster club is to get all of the school’s fund raising activities “under one roof,” according to Mike Herd, a member of the Extra-Curricular Committee. He said another primary reason for a booster club is to get all facets of the community more interested and involved in all activities at Sibley East.

According to Herd, Sibley East would like to model Glencoe-Silver Lake’s booster club. RaNaye Odegaard, chairperson of GSL’s club, spoke at Friday’s meeting. She said the objective of Panther Boosters Inc. is to support all students in all activities, subsidize expenses and handle fund raising.

GSL coach Dave Style encouraged everyone at Sibley East to “jump on board.” He spoke highly of the job done by the GSL Booster Club.

Don Sauter, a long-time Sibley East teacher and coach, spoke in favor of a Booster Club and more unified fund raising efforts. Sauter also believes a Booster Club could lead to more cohesiveness between the three communities. That is something that needs improvement more than anything, Sauter explained.

Herd said the Extra-Curricular Committee would like to have a booster club in place by next fall. He said the next step is to establish by-laws and attain a non-profit tax identification. Once that is completed, a booster club membership committee will be formed, Herd explained.