Strip of land on west edge of town still owned by MnDOT


Council members learned last week that a strip of land the City has been maintaining on the west edge of town is owned by MnDOT.

At the request of various committees, Gaylord’s Public Works coordinator Avery Grochow researched the ownership of a strip of land between Highway 19 and a building owned by Unidoor (the former Nesvig Equipment building).

According to Grochow, the 400-foot x 120-foot strip is still owned by MnDOT. He believes MnDOT never transferred this property back to the City when it did the rest of the right-of-way to the east and west of this property.

According to Acting City Administrator Lori Waltz, the Eggstravaganza committee is interested in placing a sign on the property to advertise Gaylord’s annual summer celebration. Grochow reported that existing City and church signs on this strip “may be illegal.”

Council members directed Grochow to contact MnDOT about the piece of property. He plans to report back on the issue at the next City Council meeting.