Norseland – New Sweden News


By Marilyn Olmanson

Rob and Holly Evans of Orono announce the arrival of their daughter, Brianna Leigh, on July 12. Brianna Leigh weighed 6 lbs 7 oz. Proud grandparents are Wayne and Betty Sandeen of New Sweden and Bob and Judy Evans of Minnetonka.

Chris and Heidi Lynch of Minneapolis announce the arrival of their daughter, Raquel Victoria, on August 7. Raquel Victoria weighed in at 5 lbs. Proud grandparents are Wayne and Betty Sandeen of New Sweden and Vickie Lynch of Lansboro. Congratulations to all!.

On Thursday, the gals from the ASA office in St. Peter toured the ditch grass banks and the farm site at the Freundl farm. Jean Hager, Cathy Peterson, Janet Thoele and Peggy Lambert also took time to see the painting done by Barney Anderson. And coffee was in order for the day after that. A great time was had!

Sunday evening, Duane and Marilyn Olmanson were supper guests of Bernie and Corrine in Norwood and got to see the Hanson slides from their Norway trip.

David and Donella Pearce have settled in St. Peter now for a couple of years. They have been missionaries and are going to continue from St. Peter while their two children are growing up. Laura is attending college in Tennessee, and Joanna will be attending high school in St. Peter where her mother grew up.

Saturday evening was the Mother/Daughter/Other Banquet at the Norseland Lutheran Church. The only reason that I am mentioning this is that I feel that the ladies that were responsible for the effort of the banquet deserve a hand or two of applause for all of the work they did for it. All of the many old fashioned decorations, they must have all gone through their households and brought many car loads of things to the church. The young girls who did the serving and also made the the party favors. The meal was delicious. Now, I am not a big eater, but even I ate well. The many pies that they had, and were donated by so many people Now, it isn’t only the work of getting it all there, but taking it all down and taking it home and putting it all back where it came from. There were so many good ideas. So thank you ladies many times over.