Norseland – New Sweden News


By Marilyn Olmanson

Myron and Arline Becker of Nicollet are proud to announce the arrival of twin great granddaughters on Thursday, August 2nd, to Patrick and Amy Bautchee of St. Paul. They have been given the names of Genna weighing in at 6 lbs 5 ozs and Gadya weighing in at 5 lbs 5 ozs. Proud grandmother is Suzanne Becker of St. Paul Congratulations to all!

Owen Swenson’s, 2nd cousin, Tim Norgaard of Oslo, Norway, visited with Owen’s Thursday-Sunday. Tim came to attend the Swenson family reunion which was held at the Norseland Lutheran Church on Saturday, August 4th. The Swenson family celebrated one-hundred fifty years since immigrating from Norway in 1857.

Saturday afternoon Wayne and Jean Andreen of Los Alimitos, California and Ann Friederichs were visitors of Marilyn Olmanson. Sunday afternoon Ron and Doris Rollefson of Ward, South Dakota were visitors of Marilyn’s.

Sunday afternoon Barney and Lola Anderson’s grandchildren all visited. Vana, Aaron, Phil, Amy and Cale Hendrycks. The tea flowed like a river!!

Aaron Ferkensted of Chesapeake Bay, Virginia was home recently Tuesday – Sunday. Aaron was organist at the National Youth Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod in Mankato. Those attending the convention from this area were: Klea and Kasslin Swenson, Christopher and Ashley Swenson, Toni Langr, Keith Struck, and Scott Tollefson.