Plenty of attention but few reports of storm damage


Reports of a tornado touchdown put Gaylord in the weather spotlight Saturday.

Area weather spotters were dispatched and a tornado warning was issued for Sibley County in the early afternoon. A storm reportedly produced a tornado touchdown approximately 3 miles northwest of Gaylord, according to the Sibley County Sheriff’s Department.

Twin Cities meteorologists said the storm produced cold air funnels and a possible “weak” tornado touchdown. Strong winds, heavy rain and even reports of hail accompanied the storm which lingered just north and west of Gaylord for nearly three hours.

While the storm attracted the attention of television crews from Fox 9 and KARE 11, there were few reports of damage.

The storm did dampen several graduation parties Saturday and many farm fields west of town are dotted with small lakes.

There were reports that areas in the center of the storm received four inches of rain. In the past week, intermittent storms have dropped approximately 2-1/2 inches of rain on Gaylord.