Hiring of interim staff creates loss for Lakeview Home


If Lakeview Home would have had its own administrator and director of nursing, the nursing home would have made $2,000 this past month.

Mary Nell Zellner, interim administrator, presented the report to the Lakeview Home Board of Directors Monday night.

Zellner and Karen Lilyquist, interim director of nursing, are both being contracted through Pathways, a health consulting agency, to fill the positions. Zellner said that City Administrator Lonny Johnson would like her to continue as interim administrator until a decision is made whether or not to sell the facilities.

Zellner said that for this past year, the census at Lakeview Home has averaged 46.45 or 80% occupancy. However, as of October 30, there were 49 residents at Lakeview Home. Last year, Lakeview Home averaged 51 residents, she said.

Financials are fine at Heritage House, Zellner said, and Oak Terrace is full but there had been several turnovers.

Two management positions at Lakeview Home have been filled.

Kathy Wiste, a current employee, has been hired as the interim Therapeutic Director. She is replacing Dawn Giesen who resigned. Zellner said that since Wiste accepted the interim directorship, an additional 10 hours will be added to the department.

Holly Kranz, who has been employed as a registered nurse at Lakeview Home for about one year, has accepted the interim Director of Nursing position. She will assume her new duties Nov. 13. She had been the nursing home’s clinical reimbursement specialist. When Kranz assumes the Director of Nursing position, Lilyquist will then replace Kranz in her former role.

In other business, Zellner reported:

• She is researching whether or not Lakeview Homes should contract through the Public Health Department or the Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging to provide meals on wheels services. Zellner learned that Nutrition Services Inc. was not awarded the contract through the Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging but is appealing. Both agencies can provide the service but the reimbursement sources are different.

• Recommended entering into a five year contract with Xcel Energy to have Lakeview Home switch to the generator at peak usage hours. The generator project has been completed. Zellner said that Xcel told her that the nursing home will probably be contacted 10-15 times per year to use the generator for five to seven hour periods. This will provide a monetary savings to the facility.