City Council OK’s seal coat project for a 25-block area


Plans for a street reconstruction project in Gaylord this year have been put on hold but the City Council is taking steps to prolong the life of some streets in town.

Council members, last month, approved plans and specifications for a seal coat project which will cover an area of approximately 25 blocks.

This seal coat project, scheduled to take place this month, includes the following streets:

• Main Avenue from Seventh Street to Eighth Street;

• Seventh Street;

• The northeast end of Industrial Avenue;

• Fifth Street South;

• Prairie Avenue South;

• Third Street South;

• Second Street South;

• Industrial Avenue South;

• Harvey Drive;

• All streets in Lakeside Acres;

According to City Administrator Lonny Johnson, the City is currently acquiring quotes for the project. Short Elliot Hendrickson Inc. (SEH) estimates the total construction cost at $49,145.

Doug Parrott of SEH said streets are typically seal coated every seven to eight years. An initial seal coat on recently constructed streets (Harvey Drive and Lakeside Acres – paved in 2001) is normally done a few years sooner, Parrott explained.

According to SEH records, the last seal coat project in the City was conducted in the downtown area in 1997.

Seal coating preserves and extends the life of streets, Parrott said. The process includes spreading oil and aggregate onto streets. A roller or compaction machine is then used to press the aggregate into the oil, according to Parrott. Excess aggregate is then removed.

This seal coat project is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, August 9th. It is expected to take 2-3 days to complete the work. Streets being seal coated will be shut down for “part of the day,” Parrott explained.

In June, the City Council agreed to delay a $2 million street and utility reconstruction project until 2007. This project, or Phase 1 of city wide street and utility improvement project, was originally planned to begin this summer. It was to include improvements on First Street, Second Street, High Avenue, Lake Avenue and Lincoln Avenue.

Public Works Coordinator Avery Grochow advised council members to begin preparing for a street project in 2007. The City Council is considering completing two phases of city wide street and utility improvements next year.