County to develop plan for disaster recovery


If a disaster would strike at the Sibley County Courthouse or County Service Center today, there would not be a plan for resuming business operations.

County Commissioners, last week, appointed Beth Wilson, director of the Information Services Department, and Steve Schow, Emergency Management Director, to establish a committee to develop a plan for resuming county business operations.

A task of the committee will be to determine what most basic county functions will be brought back first in the event of a disaster.

Schow said that Sibley County has an “all hazards” plan, but not a specific plan for the courthouse and county service center.

Schow told commissioners that when the tornado struck in St. Peter, Nicollet County was able to use computers at Gustavus Adolphus College to resume operations.

Sibley County not only needs to have the information it needs to resume operations, but also a place to do it, he said.