County Board adjusts values on two properties


Sibley County’s Board of Commissioners, last week, adjusted values for two properties and denied reclassification of a third parcel.

Arvid Schwartz, representing High Island Creek Development in the City of Arlington, requested that the valuation be brought back to similar tillable acre values. The property was platted and only partially improved with utilities and streets.

It was requested that the undeveloped property be valued as similar agricultural lands and kept as one large acreage parcel. However, the attorney for the development requested all the properties be split up, unbeknownst to Schwartz. When this occurred, the County Assessor’s office valued each property and used the plat deferral program in revaluing, and also changed the classification to residential.

Commissioners, upon the recommendation of the county assessor, agreed to lower the value for 37 parcels.

Sever Peterson and Bert Noterman, after the local hearing in Jessenland Township, asked for a complete review of the parcels they own in the river bottoms. The County Assessor sent two senior appraisers to view the properties with Peterson. 12 parcels were considered. By viewing and using aerial photos, one parcel increased in value, two parcels stayed the same, and nine parcels had lands reclassified, taken out of green acres high value and decreased due to the flooding and unbuildable lands. County Commissioners approved the change.

Commissioners denied a request from Mike Hartman, a trustee of Lakeview Trust in Severance Township, to reclassify a building on the Trust’s property from commercial/industrial to agricultural. The County Assessor’s office placed the building, used for processing of raw milk into packaged milk, butter and ice cream, as a commercial/industrial classification. Hartman stated that he has the right based on the first sale of homegrown products to be considered agricultural. A letter from the Department of Revenue reaffirmed the County Assessor’s classification.