County moves ahead with establishing section corners


Section corners will be established for Washington Lake Township this year using Global Positioning System control survey, but it has not yet been determined when work will be completed in the other townships.

County Commissioners, last week, authorized moving forward with a proposal from Sibley Surveyors to establish section corners in Washington Lake Township.

Commissioners authorized County Attorney Dave Schauer to review financing proposals provided by Sibley Surveyors.

Faxon Township served as the pilot project for the establishment of section corners. This work, completed by Sibley Surveyors, was authorized by the County Board in January 2006.

Sibley Surveyors presented a proposal to Sibley County’s GIS Committee and Commissioners. The proposal was a cost of $23,500 per township. There are 16 townships that have yet to be completed.

Option one, as presented by Sibley Surveyors, would have Sibley Surveyors receive payment of $23,400 at the completion of the survey of section corners for each township. The total of all the work would be $376,000.

Option two, provided by Sibley Surveyors, would have Sibley Surveyors sign a contract, accepting payment of the $376,000 plus 3% interest for the average cost of living expenses spread out over a 15 year period, making a payment due in January of each year in the amount of $31,496.

Sibley Surveyors stated in the proposal that they would like to complete the remaining 16 townships within the next four years. Sibley Surveyors also stated that they would prefer option one, because they would like to complete the project in four years, they would have to add additional employees, and it would be beneficial to keep their accounts current.

The additional fees collected for recording documents would be used to fund the survey.

Recording fees for all documents were increased from $19.50 to $46 on July 1, 2005. Of this increase, $20 per document is dedicated to the Recorder’s Technology Fund, while $11 is dedicated to the Compliance Fund.

In other business, the commissioners:

• Approved paying Election Systems & Software, Inc. hardware maintenance services and software maintenance and support agreement. The cost is $3,630 for one year.

• Decided to ask department heads to build in step increases into their 2007 budgets as stated in the comparable worth policy and to hold their budgets comparable to 2006.

• Approved an $18 solid waste service fee abatement for Darwin Grack of Winthrop.

• Established the appraisal of three lots in the Lakeside Acres of Gaylord at $5,000 each.

• Hired Chris Gardner, Jim Bauer, Gerald Pagel, and Duane Tessmer as seasonal/temporary staff in the Public Works Department and Kyle Podratz as seasonal/temporary staff in the Environmental Services Department.

• Hired Aaron Scharpe as accountant in the Auditor’s office, effective June 26, and hired Greg Johnson, who recently retired from the position, to serve as trainer for the position on a limited term basis. Hired Kristine Kernz as part-time license/account tech I staff in the Auditor’s office, effective June 5. Hired Dana Anderson as a part-time community support tech in the Human Services Department.

• Approved 3.2 malt liquor “on sale” licenses for the Gaylord Game Protective League in Dryden Township, Coachlight Inn, Inc. in Henderson Township, Winthrop Golf Club in Cornish Township, Gibbon Sportsman’s Club in Severance Township, Winthrop Game Protective League in Transit Township, and Shady Lane Sportsman’s Club in New Auburn Township.

• Approved a wine license for Coachlight Inn, Inc. in Henderson Township.

• Approved a tobacco license for Tanker Bay Sports Bar & Grill Inc. in Winthrop through December 31, 2006.

• Re-appointed Harlan Voight of Green Isle to serve on the Day Activity Center board.